Welcome to Urology Partner’s of Western Kentucky, office of Dr. James Fellows, patient portal. The patient portal provides a secure private communication channel with your provider, online access to healthcare related information, your personal health record, and related products and services. The patient portal is not an appropriate means to seek advice regarding your medical treatment or condition. For urgent medical matters you may call the office, or call 911 for medical emergencies.

The use of this website and the services offered to you is subject to the terms and conditions of the Terms of Use. The patient portal services are only available to users who have been provided access by their providers. Urology Partners of Western Kentucky reserves the right to update or change the Terms of Use at any time for any reason by posting modified Terms of use.

Please note that online communications should never be used for emergency communications or urgent requests. These types of communications should occur via telephone or other existing emergency communications tools.

  • Online communications will be used for limited purposes. Online communications cannot be used for emergencies or time-sensitive matters. If there is specific information that you do not want transmitted via online communications, you must inform your provider.
  • Urology Partners of Western Kentucky (Dr. James Fellows) cannot be held responsible for any delays in online communication, transmittal or accuracy of information.
  • Follow-up is solely your responsibility. You are responsible for scheduling any necessary appointments and for determining if unanswered online communication was not received.
  • You are responsible for taking steps to protect yourself from unauthorized use of online communications, such as keeping your password confidential. Urology Partners of Western Kentucky (Dr. James Fellows) is not responsible for breaches of confidentiality caused by you or an independent third party.
  • Please remember that any record created will become part of your permanent chart and can be requested by your insurance carrier, or any designee with a signed release.


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Limitation of Liability

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